Coach Requirements

1. Coaches are the leaders in the gym; therefore, they must set a good example for the children and the parents.
2. Coaches need to be kind and polite and display good sportsmanship – AT ALL TIMES.
3. Always be positive in words and positive in actions.
a. No foul language
b. No negative gestures
c. No open criticism
d. Keep emotions in check
e. Encourage and teach at every opportunity
4. If you are in disagreement with the referee, DISCUSS the point of contention.
a. Talk (no yelling) calmly with official, at the scorers table.
b. Always show respect.
c. Accept official’s decision – even if you know official is wrong.
d. Do NOT tell wrestler he or she lost because of official’s decision.

OYWA League Rule #2:

C. All coaches must have background check. Coaches pass will be issued to be used for all practices and dual meets. USA wrestling coach pass will be honored.

D. All teams must have at least one person with a certified CPR card.

E. All coaches must either (1) hold a pupil-activity program permit OR (2) successfully complete, every three years, an online training program in recognizing the symptoms of concussions and head injuries.

F. All coaches and parents must complete the requirements of the Ohio law titled the Lindsay law.

Coach Background Check


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