Parents / Spectators

Note to Parents and all Spectators attending OYWA Meets and Events
1. Always be positive in words and positive in actions.
a. No foul language
b. No negative gestures
c. No open criticism
d. Keep emotions in check.
2. Cheer for your child, not against your child�s opponent
3. Stay seated in the bleachers. Do not come down to the mats or the mat area.
4. Parents and other spectators should have no contact with referees or table workers.
5. Let the coach do the coaching while your child is wrestling.
a. Give the coach time to talk to the wrestler after the match.
b. Never criticize the coach in front of your child.
6. If you have an issue to discuss with the coach, unless it is an emergency, talk with the coach when the meet is over.
7. Be positive with your child
a. Win or lose, always say something positive
b. Win or lose, always offer a handshake or a hug.
c. Never tell your child he or she lost because of the coach�s decisions.
d. Never tell your child he or she lost because of the referee�s decisions.
e. Always encourage, never belittle.
8. Monitor your other non-wrestling children
a. Know where they are
b. Keep them safe
9. Keep winning in perspective.
OYWA League Rules
#2 F. All coaches and parents must complete the requirements of the Ohio law titled the Lindsay law.
#7 Please review Sportsmanship.